Dear distributors, dear our customers,

The ELDERFLOWERS LTD.'s profile includes producing and distributing herb- and forest fruit-based concentrates. Our company has been making its products out of fresh ingredients both for export and domestic use for 15 years.

Our first product is an elderflower concentrate made out of fresh elderflower. The elderflower is one of the oldest herb material. Its curative power is known in the folk medicine. The elderflower is coming to us from an area controlled by our technical management. It is a "hungaricum", a special, natural aroma of the Carpathian Basin.

A gift of the nature, healthy and delicious.

Other applications:

Making or flavouring carbonic, non-carbonic, alcohol-free champagnes, dressings, crémes, teas.

Cold drink: Elegant alcohol-free refreshment drink watered and cooled to taste with ice.

Hot drink: it can create the harmony of the time spent together. With hot water it is a pleasant tea or tea-flavour.

Due to its pleasant taste it can be used for flavouring many home-made foods: e.g. dressings, crémes, piquant foods, drinks, cocktails.

Have a good health to our drinks!